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member (13)member
11/30/2019 03:02PM  
First off, thanks for reading yet ANOTHER "so I'm thinking of going to 'this' lake and fishing for 'that.' Any suggestions? " Much appreciate your feedback,

I'm decently experienced in the BWCA and mostly focus on 2 week trips on the Border Lakes. In June I'll be leading a group of guys (all strong paddlers/portagers) on a 4-5 day trip. Getting them from Duluth airport so looking for a good northern/smallie lake with minimum travel time from airport. Looking hard at Brule since it's got easy/quick access (our trip is midweek so I'm not that concerned with crowds). Considering base camping on Brule and day-tripping to adjoining lakes if fishing is worth it. Focus is on northern and smallmouth. Quantity is more important than quality (hurts my heart to say that but they are all newbie fisherman).

Any thoughts? Have read enough to where Brule seems at least a fairly decent smallmouth/northern lake. Agree? What about the adjoining lakes?

Am open to a totally different lake network if access is relatively quick.

Thanks so much...and HOW many days till ice-out? Killin me....
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distinguished member(2536)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
11/30/2019 07:12PM  
Homer Lake entry, stay on Vern. Several daytrip options, and a great option to travel up the Vern River for scenery and good fishing. Smallies, pike and bonus walleyes. Smaller water than Brule, wind can limit fishing and hamper a trip on a big lake. Just down the road from Brule so not much difference in travel time. Could even be combined with a day or two on Brule if you planned for it. Just a thought, 4-5 days is a perfect amount of time for this. In camp in a couple hours.

Homer entry, Vern River, pike smallies and eyes
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