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      Where to rent winter tent & stove     



member (30)member
12/17/2019 05:57PM
Does anyone know where I could rent a tent and woodstove for winter camping. I tried midwest mountaineering and REI, neither had anything. I read Sawtooth outfitters does in Tofte, but would prefer something closer to the twin cities.
Ideas anyone?
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distinguished member(2026)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/17/2019 08:34PM
Snowtrekker rentals. It’s on their website, but you have to scroll to the bottom to find it. Looks like they have added a place in Stillwater. Good luck! Are you planning a BWCA trip or something closer to the twin cities?
member (30)member
12/17/2019 09:58PM
Awesome, I’ll check it out. Ideally stay closer to the cities for time. Will make a trek north if we need to. First time so we want to test things out before going too far.
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