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member (6)member
02/10/2020 12:00PM
I'm going up at the end of the month for a 3 day weekend trip and am looking for recommendations on entry points. I'd like to do some laker fishing so Clearwater looked like an option (how busy can Clearwater be in the winter?). Duncan or Daniels also looked like possibilities. Would you recommend any of these over the others? Or other options I have overlooked?
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Tuscarora Outfitters
member (40)member
02/11/2020 09:13AM
Those are all good options. I don't think Clearwater will be very busy, there will be some folks fishing outside the BWCA, but there might not be many people going down the lake.

Another option to consider is Seagull Lake, the access is super easy and there are lots of good spots to camp and fish for trout.

distinguished member(4005)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/11/2020 02:55PM
I was just on Duncan Lake 2 weekends ago. Easy packed trail the whole way. Lots of chopped cedar on a particular campsite leftover that I didn't use up.
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