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Rich Gerow
Guest Paddler
02/12/2020 04:04PM
Greetings, nature enthusiasts!

I post this in the hopes that you all will be able to help a brother out. I love getting out in nature, but since I live Oklahoma, I've never gotten to experience winter camping. That's why next winter during Christmas Break I want to spend about three to five days camping, snowshoeing and XC skiing in Northern Minnesota.

I'd love to see Gooseberry Falls, Tettegouche and more backwoods sections of the Superior Hiking Trail during my visit, but I wouldn't mind hitting up the Chippewa National Forest or the Boundary Waters either. I'm completely serious about this trip, and I don't mind driving 13 hours to see the beauty of the Northwoods in winter just so long as I have some locals to tag along with.

Would any of you wonderful outdoor enthusiasts be willing to take me up on my proposal? If not, would you be able to provide me with information about groups or local outfitters/tourist centers that embark on multi-day winter expeditions? Would you know of people who would be down for this?

Thanks and camp on!
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02/12/2020 05:30PM
Most planned winter treks are scheduled for later in the winter. That early is sometimes hit and miss. Daylight is at a minimum and many times lake ice hasn't firmed up enough for safe travel. Might have to be a last minute decision whether to go or not.
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02/13/2020 08:59AM
awbrown: "Most planned winter treks are scheduled for later in the winter.

I agree with this, but at the same time you try to go camping when you can get the time off.

I would say that if you are for sure coming up during the Christmas Break next year, I would keep your plans fairly loose for what you want to do. For me, what I usually do for early winter camping is to find a state park and bring my winter tent along. If you want to see the beauty of the northland at that time of year but stay off the lake, I suggest looking at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. They have some excellent hike-in sites that aren't too far. You could rent a winter tent from a local outfitter, stay at Split Rock, and make that your base to explore the northwoods. From there you have walking access to the Superior Hiking Trail, the views from Split Rock of the lighthouse are Minnesota iconic, and plus you can always explore the other state parks along highway 61.

There is a place really close to Split Rock to rent a winter tent, Sawtooth Outfitters: Sawtooth Outfitters link

Split Rock State Park: Split Rock State Park link
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