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03/11/2020 09:24AM
Hi all, we're taking a trip to lake Disappointment this year. Was wondering if anyone has had success in recent years fishing trout on Ashub Lake (just to the north)? From recent posts, I've seen a few years back it sounds like there isn't much trout left due to an infiltration of bass. Love to hear your thoughts, thanks!
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03/11/2020 10:16AM
I don't believe the DNR stocks this lake with trout anymore.
senior member (74)senior membersenior member
03/11/2020 11:09AM
The last time the lake was stocked was 2010. I highly doubt there are any trout left in there with their lifespans being 4-5 years. Likely a good smallmouth fishery now though!
distinguished member(12409)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
03/12/2020 10:07PM
They stopped stocking because of low survival rate,probably due to smallmouth bass now in the lake devouring the trout.
03/14/2020 08:14AM
Let us know how ya do, all I have seen is hoards of small small mouth bass

distinguished member (210)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/15/2020 07:16AM
Stayed there one night in 2012, caught lots of small bass. Thought we saw some small trout as we were entering the lake but couldn't be sure. Elevated campsite was very cool.
member (10)member
05/21/2020 08:01PM
We camped on the elevated campsite on Ahsub this last September, we loved the site, the fishing on the other hand was not good, but it was that way all over, even on Disappointment, but we had a cold front with wind and rain move in and shut everything down, we have a small fish finder, graphed lots of fish but nothing would bite so I can't tell ya what they were, but I did catch one smallmouth about 4 inches long off of shore. If you have time, it's worth the time to daytrip over to Cattyman and go see Cattyman falls on the portage between Cattyman and Gibson. Good luck and you'll have to let us know if you found anything in the lake!!
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