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03/15/2020 12:25PM  
I am not on board with the public hysteria. This whole thing is preposterous.
But I am not posting to have dialogue about that.

If I am asked what I would like to do with two weeks off of work, it would surely include a trip to the wilderness. If I was offered a European cruise around the Baltic ocean including two days in St. Petersburg, Russia or a trip to Quetico, I would pick Quetico. It’s just how I’m wired.

My wife, I love her, but she does not like Quetico. And we were asked to go on this cruise as I mentioned. So we accepted. And I accepted that I couldn’t go to Quetico this year.

But by a stroke of luck, I guess, our cruise in early May is all but cancelled. I’m going to Quetico June 6. And life is good.

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03/15/2020 03:03PM  
My wife and I both realize we are not "cruise people". She is not a canoeist, but supports all the trips that I take with the guys. I just hope when the time comes, the RABC permit is still allowed...

Regarding public hysteria. Empty shelves of bottled water and TP is hysteria. Dr. Fauci saying 100,000 deaths are possible is kinda grim, IMO. I have a water filter and wash cloth so I'm not hysterical.
03/15/2020 04:14PM  
Sorry about the trip, Quetico will be great though! Not sure if I can swing a trip this year yet so jealous!

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