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member (39)member
03/17/2020 08:15AM
Souris River Quetico 17 Kevlar Canoe for sale. $1200. The canoe has been used but is in good condition and will last another 30-50 years if taken care of properly. I recently refinished the canoe so it looks GREAT! It was used about once every other year for the past 10 years or so.

I have done a number of preemptive patches on the canoe to prevent small cracks from getting bigger but none of the cracks are large and it has no major gouges. All or nearly all the cracks (minor) were present when I bought it which shows that they will not be an issue in the future either. It is in normal or above average condition for its age. It was a rental canoe at Kawishiwi Lodge in Ely before I bought it. I believe it is a 2004. I have always stored it inside, out of the sun.

I worked for the Forest Service for 2 years in the BWCA and know a lot about canoeing if you have any questions. I still have 3 more Souris River canoes that I am not selling and 2 Wenonah canoes that I am also not selling. I am selling this one because I don't need 6 canoes anymore... I love the Quetico 17 and think it is one of the best canoes available for nearly everyone which is why I have 3 of them.

I prefer email for contacting. Please include your name, number, and what city you live in. You can see more photos here:

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03/17/2020 09:49AM
You may want to mention the price.
member (39)member
03/17/2020 09:53AM
Indeed, forgot to do that. I've edited the post. Thanks!
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