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03/22/2020 07:24PM
If you are reading this, the canoe is available. First one to give me the cash, no holds.

Souris River Quetico 18.5 Kevlar Canoe for sale. $1300. New they are $2950. I sold two Q17s in 24hrs, a solo in 2hrs, and this is final canoe for sale. Don't wait if you want it. Used but in good condition for its age and will last another 30-50 years if taken care of properly. I recently refinished the canoe so it looks GREAT! New coat of epoxy inside and out with a new marine varnish clear coat. It was used about once every other year for the past 10 years or so.

It has a couple small preventive patches that I did 5-10 years ago. No new ones. I like to patch all of my boats at the first sign of any stress. This is 100% normal for kevlar canoes and they are present on all my boats. I like to prevent small cracks from getting bigger so I tend to over patch. Outfitters do not patch the stress cracks that I do. None of the cracks are large and it has no major gouges like many outfitter boats I see (and have bought in the past). I has a aftermarket skid guard on the front and back. I believe it is a 2004. I have always stored it inside, out of the sun.

I worked for the Forest Service for 2 years in the BWCA and know a lot about canoeing if you have any questions. I am selling this one because I don't need 5 canoes anymore... I love the Quetico 18.5 because it can be comfortably used with 2 or 3 people and is VERY stable. I think it is one of the best canoes available for either 2 people who like a stable boat or families who want to bring kids or another person.

I prefer email for contacting. Please include your name, number, and what city you live in. nickvasko at g mail dot com

Pictures available here:

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