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04/15/2020 07:52PM
I have a 16.5' Ally DR, serial number BGN 400 20K 213.

This canoe was manufactured in February 2013, but I purchased it brand new and unused for a two week trip to Alaska that we did during the summer of 2018.

We canoed Alaska's Innoko River. A interesting feature of this river is that it's all soft bottom; we did not see a single rock during our two week trip. A consequence of this is that the canoe's skin remains perfect. I included a picture showing the bottom of the canoe where you can see not even a scratch.

The "DR" model is called the "down river". You can see some videos of guys running some pretty serious whitewater in one of these canoes. Nevertheless, the canoes were plenty stable for us as we fished hard from them for two weeks in the slow moving Innoko, primarily in backwater sloughs with no current.

After shopping for a used Ally for about six months, I was very pleased to find this canoe and paid $1500 for it. I added the large black duffel bag in the above pictures and spent some time color-coding the aluminum poles to make assembly easier.

There is a foam rubber floor that sits between the aluminum frame and the skin. I did tear this floor in a couple of places while learning how to assemble the canoe. I will warn you that assembly is a major p.i.t.a. and takes a good 30 minutes the 1st time you try it. I put duct tape over the torn foam rubber which worked just fine.

These two videos provide additional pictures and information about the canoe.

Video showing the 16.5' Ally Canoe

2nd Video of the Ally (showing other side of foam pad)

I am located in Canton, Ohio. I am planning a trip to Ely, MN in early July and a 2nd trip to Nakina, Ontario in early August if you happen to live anywhere along one of these routes I may be able to deliver the canoe.

Price = $1400 + shipping charges.


Canoe sold for $1,500 via Craigslist and is being shipped to San Diago on my dime.
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