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member (35)member
05/07/2020 03:33PM  
Looking to buy a relatively small food pack used. Currently eyeing the CCS Solo Food Pack as ideal size. Looking at outfitters end of season sales but please contact if you have one to offload! Thanks.
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05/08/2020 04:07PM  
I got a food pack I'm trying to sell but it's probably bigger then what your looking for its a BWJ one, I want 100$ for it. plastic totes don't come with it. just send me an email if you have any interest thanks
member (35)member
05/08/2020 05:38PM  
Looks in good shape. Any tears in fabric or damage to straps or buckles? How do the zippers work?

Interested if its in good working order, guess a little bigger pack wouldn’t hurt
05/08/2020 08:46PM  
There's nothing wrong with it I just don't use it, I have another one I use more. Shoot me an email
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