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05/11/2020 11:26AM  
I am seeking to purchase another bent shaft paddle. I currently have a 52" wooden bent shaft that I got last year from a very friendly poster on this board, but I would like one slightly longer.

Let me know if you have an extra one laying around unused.

Location: Minneapolis. I will be (maybe) heading up to the Gunflint side of the park May 20th for a trip.
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05/12/2020 08:48AM  
There's a 30% sale on sanborn paddles right now. I have a couple of theirs and really like them and it feels good to support a small MN company.
05/12/2020 10:59AM  
Thanks for the heads up, they make some really impressive paddles. Unfortunately, it appears they have sold out of their 2019 fleet.
05/12/2020 02:16PM  
There is a 54” BB Special on Minneapolis Craigslist for $85. Craigslist
05/12/2020 04:12PM  
Thanks for posting. I saw that as well on FB and reached out to the guy. It sold out fairly quick but I see the Craigslist ad is still up.
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05/13/2020 11:58PM  
Aldy1: "... It sold out fairly quick but I see the Craigslist ad is still up. "

I hate when that happens. Somewhat irresponsible and inconsiderate of the seller. Have responded to a number of items only to be told it's been sold.
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05/14/2020 01:53PM  
I build paddles and have a 54” bent shaft ready to go. Paddle has epoxy rock guard, fiberglassed blade and an oiled grip. Price is $125.
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05/15/2020 08:26AM  
I have two bent shafts I no longer use, one of which is a 54" Bending Branches BB Special, $50, north of Duluth about 25 miles.

The other is a 52" which has some nice dark wood strips but you don't need that one.
05/15/2020 09:44AM  
Tuuli, I'm interested in taking a look at your paddles. I will be heading up that way next Tuesday. Do you happen to live near or off hwy 61? I will be going up the gunflint.

Stichy - Your paddles are beautiful, I've seen your posting on FB. I am currently looking to purchase a used paddle (for money reasons) but I will keep yours in mind for the future.
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05/15/2020 10:43AM  
Pics For Aldy1 (your e-mail address is hidden from other members).
The 52" bent is a Bending Branches Cruiser.

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05/15/2020 10:50AM  
The 52" is not a Cruiser. It is a BB Shadow.
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05/15/2020 11:37AM  
The 52" bent BB Shadow has been SOLD.
Aldy1: The 54" BB Special is still available.
05/15/2020 12:28PM  
Sending you an email, thanks
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05/18/2020 11:57AM  
Thanks for the compliment on my paddles. Hope you enjoy the BB special.
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05/19/2020 08:50AM  
Is this Paddle still available? Would be heading up that way Saturday morning
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