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member (25)member
05/13/2020 04:26PM  
My 13 year old son knows I like wild rice so he found a chicken and wild rice soup with a heavy cream base. I guess. I don’t cook much but bought him the heavy whipping cream for it. It’s fantastic! My question is can I safely dehydrate, store and rehydrate something with chicken and dairy? It is a very thick soup. Like spoon standup thick.
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senior member (92)senior membersenior member
05/13/2020 05:02PM  
Things with dairy and fat are more likely to spoil when dehydrated than things without but that doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't work. I make bolognese with beef and a small amount of milk and that dehydrates without any issues.

I've actually added wild rice soup to my menu this year and instead of cooking it in advance I'm planning on dehydrating onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, and garlic and bringing some flour, whole milk powder, chicken soup base/bouillon, spices, and uncooked wild rice. I'll just assemble the soup out there with the addition of fresh fish. If you're worried about the heavy cream spoiling you could do something similar but following the items in your sons recipe and including dehydrated meat to replace the fish. To speed up cooking time you could cook and dehydrate the rice beforehand too.
distinguished member(1962)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/13/2020 08:18PM  
We make wild rice soup on every one of our family BW trips. It is a favorite for everyone. We also assemble it out on the trail. I presoak the wild rice in an extra water bottle during the day and that shortens the cooking time at night. The dehydrated vegetables we add, plump up nicely during the rice cooking time. Then we add a mix of chicken soup flavor, mushroom gravy mix and whole milk powder if we want it as a cream soup. We usually mix up some cheesy garlic biscuit to go with it.

You are better off buying whole milk powder than trying to dehydrate cream on your own.
05/17/2020 10:42PM  
I really like Bear Creek Wild rice soup. At home I add some additional carrots, etc. It is good with foil pack chicken or fish. Cheap and easy. I’m sure you could use less water to make it spoon stand up thick.
distinguished member (417)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/18/2020 09:47AM  
+1 on Bear Creek
05/19/2020 10:31AM  
You could assemble this recipe without dehydrating at home. Wild rice, powdered chicken soup base, powdered sour cream, foil pack chicken or freeze dried chicken. All these ingredients are available. Probably the least expected is powdered sour cream. The sour cream has become a staple ingredient in my kitchen packing.

distinguished member (195)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/22/2020 06:45AM  
you need to try bear creek . it works for larger pots and a few people. occasionally they have something that works for solo.

you should look at knorrs also. they have a creamy chicken noodle and spanish rice.
member (25)member
05/26/2020 07:42AM  
Thanks for all the replies. I’ll start trying a few of them here before I leave.
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