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05/25/2020 12:37PM
I have a 1990 kevlar Mad River Explorer that I will be rehabbing soon. I will be replacing the rotted wood gunwales with aluminum. Once I have the wood removed, how much space should I leave from the bow/stern of the canoe to the edge of the aluminum? The ends will be covered with an ABS end cap from Nowthwest canoe.
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05/25/2020 04:55PM
The natural angle that the gunwales take as they travel out the ends should dictate your overhang. Rather than trying to seam them at the tip, I leave one long and butt the other up along the side of the long one. It will be reversed at the other end.....they will be staggered. At least I think that is what you are asking.
05/25/2020 06:08PM
From this thread:

There is this picture:
that shows the aluminum gunwale exposed. If I understand your comment correctly, 1 side goes up closer to the point then the other and then the other side just gets cut to length to "fit in"

05/25/2020 07:53PM
I see now what you're saying. I would wait to see how big your end cap is first. I guess it would be good to get 2 rivets through it into aluminum, but you dont have to have gunwales run all the way tight into the tip. May want to do a dry run first to see how it all fits together. Picture shows one rivet in gunwale, other in the hull. Not sure if that will tip the end cap, or if 2 rivets through the cap into gunwale will cause it to ride too high. Guess thats why I'd do a dry run first to see how it all fits. Have fun...should be a nice ride.
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