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member (10)member
05/30/2020 12:14PM  
SOLD/TAKEN1. Kondos Outdoors Food Pack (used about 6X), with rigid liner and hanging strap
SOLD/TAKEN 2. Cooke Custom Sewing Equipment Pack (6X)
SOLD/TAKEN 3. Kondos Outdoors XL Duluth Pack (used a lot, bought from Voyageur North and previously used there, too)
All in good condition! No tears or mouse bites that we are aware of ??
Pick up in Madison, WI or pay for shipping.

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05/30/2020 12:41PM  
I'd take the CCS and duluth style pack. My email is good under my username
05/30/2020 12:42PM  
I'd love to make it to Madison to do some catfishing but probably not this year so shipping will probably be needed. Or call/text me at 641-257-7410
member (10)member
05/30/2020 01:12PM  
Great! Food pack is still available.
member (7)member
05/30/2020 02:11PM  
I’ll take the food pack. It will work great for my son. Will have to pay for shipping though. Let me know how. I don’t see a way to contact you personally.
Thanks for being a nice guy.
member (10)member
05/30/2020 02:23PM  
That's great news! Email me at and we can figure out next steps...
05/31/2020 12:46AM  
That was very kind of you Batz!
member (10)member
05/31/2020 01:56PM  
We are glad to give back to the bwca community. We have gotten a lot of great advice over the years from this forum!
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