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06/07/2020 04:32PM  
I’m looking for an Alumacraft ultralight Voyageur 17 tandem canoe. Let me know if anyone has one they’re willing to part with.
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senior member (51)senior membersenior member
06/12/2020 08:33AM  
join the club! I've been trying to find one for 2+ years and its like trying to find a needle in a haystack
06/14/2020 12:02AM  
I have one. I can post pictures tomorrow. It has one small repaired hole in the front (not sure how it got there, was that way when I bought it). Price would be $800.

06/14/2020 12:14PM  
Here are the pictures. Comes with an ash yoke and portage pads.

06/15/2020 01:06PM  
I actually just picked one up, but thanks to the two posters who have one available. To the other person on this thread that wants one, feel free to contact the folks above and vice versa! I had been looking for one for a while too, it’s amazing what can happen when you just ask. I’ll leave this post up in case folks are looking for or wanting to buy this awesome canoe. Thanks everyone!
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