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senior member (51)senior membersenior member
06/20/2020 03:21PM  
I picked up an alumacraft voyageur 17 this weekend to take the place of my quetico. The only thing I like about my quetico better than the voyageur is the quetico has that blueish paint on the floor of the canoe that seems to help make it less slippery when wet. I’m surprised the voyageur didn’t come with the painted floor as I have seen it on other voyageur models. Definitely hard to beat the 56lb weight for an aluminum canoe though!

I would like to add a similar type paint to the floor of my voyageur. Anybody have any suggestions? There are tons of different aluminum paints out there when I do a google search, it’s, hard to pick one. I really don’t want to have one that ends up chipping after a few years.
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distinguished member(619)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/20/2020 10:25PM  
I too have a model 1980 Alumacraft with the attractive blue paint. Maybe contact them directly and get a recommendation?
06/21/2020 06:11AM  
I bought 4 17’ Quetico’s back in the 70’s. I took groups out and that blue paint would wear. The marina folks I bought them from touched them up for me once. They delt with boats with the same problem, but I don’t know what they did. I always thought they sprinkled a little sand under the paint which I thought was a sort of epoxy paint.
06/21/2020 05:57PM  
search for "TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint"

for aluminum you'll also need the totalboat primer too

good stuff

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