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06/22/2020 10:54PM  
I have had my fathers early 1970s 17' Grumman canoe for a few years now. We recently came across a Quick-n-Easy cross bar in his garage. The problem is it is only one bar with both towers. I need one more set to be able to use the rack. I really like the look, it just compliments the canoe.

I was wondering if any one knows if they are still available anywhere? I'd like to complete the one rack I have and possibly get a second set for my 69 Alaskan camper. Thanks.
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06/23/2020 05:45AM  
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06/23/2020 09:17AM  
They haven't been made for a long time. I've seen the towers on eBay a few times, for absurd prices. My last set was given to me, and my first set I bought for $25 retail! You might try Craigslist also.
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06/23/2020 11:49AM  
Try these: Quik n Easy
06/23/2020 09:38PM  
I have a set of Quik-n-Easy racks hanging in the garage - 4 towers on 78" bars with gunnel clamps. I bought these when I got my new 1973 Dodge van and used them on a number of later vehicles until rain gutters disappeared from vehicles. At that time I switched to Yakima racks. If you are interested in purchasing the racks let me know.
06/24/2020 12:27AM  
Thanks fellas, and yes those are the racks. Ebay is rediculous, if you can even find a complete set. Deerfoot, if you are willing to part with them I would definitely be interested.
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