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member (26)member
06/23/2020 02:12PM  
I'm taking my wife and three of my boys in at EP 55 this Friday morning and we're staying until Sunday. We'll be looking to set up camp around the northern part of the Sea Gull River or southern part of Sag. This will the the first BW trip for my wife and two of the boys, hoping to put them on some fish.

I've read a few previous posts about this area. It sounds like people have some luck in James Bay and a portage to Tenor Lake might be worth our time.

Any input or advice would be appreciated! Also, any recommendations on campsites would be great.
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06/23/2020 06:48PM  
Not sure on campsites, but for fishing -- try the narrows in Seagull river -- likely a bit south of where you'll be camping. There's two spots (if I recall) that get especially narrow. The moving water there usually has some big smallies. In the most narrow spot, you'll likely need to fish from shore to avoid creating a traffic jam from boats passing by. There's also a few spots in the narrows that get deeper (10-17 feet) that are good for walleyes
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06/24/2020 01:14PM  
We caught lake trout in 30-40 fow around clark island last week. Have fun!
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