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member (9)member
06/26/2020 10:23AM  
Is the parking for EP64 East Bearskin all the way at end of road?
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06/26/2020 11:10AM  
It's down past the campground. you can drive right down to the put in, parking is nearby. If you go to google maps, you can get a very good view of it just down past the campground. It's not at the end of E. Bearskin road if that's what you are asking. IIRC, it's pretty clearly marked.
06/26/2020 12:35PM  
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Good signage. Big landing/turn around. Short walk to good parking area . Technically, it's just before the campground. Take road to campground and then veer off right to boat launch....veer left to campground loop.
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