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07/13/2020 04:51PM
Hello, I bought this canoe many years ago off the side of the road. At the time, all I was told was that it was kevlar, and a Blackhawk racing canoe.

I would like to sell it, since I am not using it, however, I would like some information before I make that decision.

My best measurement (measuring alone) is gunwales at from bow to stern: 14' 8"

Width at centerline: 26.5"

Serial number ends with: M83M, which I believe indicates it was built in 1983

Here is a photo:

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07/13/2020 05:31PM
Look for Hans Solos posts. He might have the info.
He has a whole library of old boat info.
Or you can contact him directly from his profile....
07/13/2020 05:43PM
Thank you, I cannot do it right now, but I will definitely look his posts up. Thank you.
member (13)member
07/13/2020 06:19PM
Hey lab16,

Based on your measurements and the visual shape of the canoe, that should be a Covenant, the big sibling to the Proem, designed by Pat Moore.. A very pretty canoe. Blackhawk didn’t really make any “racing” canoes to my knowledge, the Phil (the owner) had his hand in a lot of projects, both his own and contracting for others such as gunwale work he did for another manufacturer (don’t remember who, a coworker of mine is a former Blackhawk employee who remembers a lot of odd jobs).

That being said, from what I’ve heard I’d put your Covenant on the “quicker” side of Blackhawk’s line, it’s one that I definitely would like to get some water time in. It’s still one of my favorite looking canoes.

Disclaimer, most of my “knowledge” is gained from a lot of reading, I’m just repeating what I’ve learned from others more qualified on the matter. But, I do love Blackhawks despite only paddling and owning one model so far. Interesting designs, good workmanship, and a really neat era in “modern” canoe history.
07/13/2020 06:46PM
Thank you for your information. You are the third person to suggest that this is a Pat Moore designed hull, although others thought it MIGHT be a Proem. They said they were made in various sizes. You are also the second person to say they would LOVE to paddle this canoe. As long as I have it, you are welcome to take it out locally if you like. Black River in Croswell, Michigan is only a couple of blocks from my house. :-)
member (13)member
07/13/2020 07:31PM
That’s a very kind offer, I appreciate it. Unfortunately you’re a bit of a drive from Northern WI for a test paddle. Someone in Northern IL has been trying to sell me his as he wants it to go to someone who likes the history of the company, but I live with someone who feels I have enough canoes. Maybe one day.

The Proem and Covenant I believe were #1 and #2 designs for this style concept. I’ve read they were dropped when Pat Moore moved on to designing and building the Reverie series on his own. I think the Covenant was listed at 14’9”, so very similar to what you measured. Keep in mind that what you measured, what Phil measured, and what was actually listed could all be valid numbers. His dimensions seemingly changed slightly based to time of year boat was made as well as who may have helped build it, among any other variable you can think of. A much more eccentric time in canoe history.
07/13/2020 07:39PM
Thank you all. It has been confirmed by other owners and photos of their boats that this is, indeed, a Covenant.

It will be for sale soon, if anyone might be interested. It does have some flaws that I will document for anyone who would consider buying it. It is in Croswell, MI.

Again, thank you all for your quick assistance.
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