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07/16/2020 05:38PM  
Some interesting thoughts . . . Link
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07/16/2020 07:53PM  
boonie: "Some interesting thoughts . . . Link "

Good read and good reminder that nothing is 100%.
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07/16/2020 08:52PM  
In order to limit the search area I use my wife as my best positioning tool. I call her every night except when I can’t and tell her where I am and where I am going the next day. I tell her to only worry if I haven’t called in 48 hours. Not a perfect solution but the best I could employ. Also my outfitter has my complete route and I call him weekly with a location. No system is foolproof but you should try to improve the odds.

07/17/2020 09:01AM  
To me this blog post is somewhat odd and somewhat pedantic--obviously you can't activate SAR if you are unconscious. Many people don't get a satellite messenger solely for SAR. They are also for communicating with family/friends, coordinating with trip partners/outfitters, etc.

The "conclusion" of the blog post is to not travel solo.
07/17/2020 12:50PM  
Kinda embarrassed for the lack of knowledge and common sense displayed in this article.

They lump PLB's and satellite communicators into 1 basket. Despite the wide differences in intended use and capabilities.
The question "How Can I Activate a Satellite Communicator or Personal Locator Beacon If I’m Unconscious?" is foolish. What if you become unconscious and have none?
Tracking? That's a function separate from SAR falling into the use of a GPS. Tracking is partnered with Sat Communicators, which are often (daily?) taken out to send a "I'm here" massage and far more likely to be damaged or lost by the user. No mention of that.

No replacement for learning the use and capabilities/limitations of your gear. I will not buy into the argument against solo travel.

I like a lot of stuff Section Hiker articles contain, this is not one of their better articles. I do carry a PLB for emergency use only. Any tracking I do is with a separate GPS. If I desired communication capabilities I'd consider a sat phone first then a 2 way text messenger. Yes I prefer separated units as more reliable than multi use items, but that is only my opinion.

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07/17/2020 06:35PM  
I wonder if there is any difference in deaths, etc., Since the introduction of PLBs and satellite communicators.

07/18/2020 09:02AM  
billconner: "I wonder if there is any difference in deaths, etc., Since the introduction of PLBs and satellite communicators.


Bill, I'm not sure about sat com reporting, but PLBs have to report all activations and actions by government regulations. I have often read reports from ACR elecronics on activations in ACR Survivor Stories and used to have a link to SARSAT BEACON REGISTRATION NOAA.

Spot, Inreach, and other sat com companies operate differently up to the point of contacting SAR suppliers.

I'm quite sure they made a significant difference is success rates. One thing I can state is my wife is much happier knowing I have one, and knows how to use it herself. We keep it handy on trips about the USA, and she rides easier on high Rocky Mountain passes!

09/11/2020 04:22PM  
I have carried an inreach for several years now. I kept with my camera bag which I take with me almost everywhere I go-except when I’m walking back on the portage to get my gear pack. One time I thought to myself, what good is it if I have an accident walking back. At that point, I decided to connect it to my belt and I take it with me everywhere-even to the latrine. The only place it doesn’t go is in the water when I cool off. Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime doing the most mundane activity.
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09/11/2020 06:53PM  
It's also a good idea to leave it on during the night and close by. You never know when a storm will pop up and a tree fall on you. You could also have a heart attack or a stroke while sleeping. The last thing you want to do is try to remember where you put it and then try to locate it in the dark. EVERYONE in your group needs to know how to use it and not be afraid to use it.
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