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07/17/2020 10:31AM  
I was wondering about others opinions of this idea? I was discussing a upcoming trip and while getting information from an Outfitter, she mentioned the "Ethos of the BWCA" which she suggested that I should stay on the first lake Enter on, rather than paddling to another, closer lake? I had not heard of this idea? Perhaps it was because the nearby Lake also has an EP, which would I suppose be "cheating" regarding the idea of limiting the amount of parties allowed per EP...Hopefully my question is clear, just wondering what others think?
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distinguished member (151)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/17/2020 11:17AM  
I know what ethos means but not sure how it fits in the rest of your post. Are you saying for example, if you enter at ep50 you should only go east and if you enter at ep51 you should only go west? Was the thought that by defining the boundary of each ep you would not overload an area by encroaching on another ep. I'm confused!
I'm also getting antsy with still more than a month to go before my second Bw trip-- way too much time on the forum.
07/17/2020 11:57AM  
She used the phrase the "ethos of the BWCA," yes I believe she meant, if you go in on one EP, you should not cross over to another EP Lake and camp their... Crowding an EP where you had not reserved your space...I think she felt it was an ethical BWCA camper practice...
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07/17/2020 12:02PM  
I sort of agree with the concept - I've just never heard of it.
But the idea can be carried too far.
Let's say there's a lake - of which there are many - that is the same distance from more than one EP. No one should camp there?
I now for a fact you've encountered people on trips where even though you were on the same lake, you got there by means of different entry points. Does this violate "ethos of the B'Dub"?
The same thing would apply when doing a route that starts at one EP and ends at another!! Does this mean you can't stay on the last lake the night before you exit?
Just go have fun and LNT.
07/17/2020 12:54PM  
What Karl said. ;-)
07/17/2020 12:55PM  
Never heard of it and I would not worry about it for a second. Go paddle where you will!
07/17/2020 01:13PM  
I wonder what this outfitter thinks of the year Amy and Dave freeman spent in the BWCA...
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07/17/2020 01:35PM  
What are the lakes/EP's in question? - this may add some clarity. For example, a Mudro vs Mudro Restricted means you cannot camp on Horse, or a Seagull Lake Only permit means you must camp on Seagull and not overnight on other lakes.
Or maybe the outfitter has noticed the uptick in crowded lakes at those particular EP's...and the recommendation is based on recent client experiences with availability of campsites on said EP. Lots of newer folks seem to be crowding up the EP lakes, and that would be why she would discourage it. I don't know.
Savage Voyageur
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07/17/2020 02:55PM  
Never heard of this, sounds like something she made up or read in some book about somewhere else. If I have a permit for an entry point, I will enter on that day and that entry point. Where I camp after that will be any place I want. Be it the first campsite I see open or 12 lakes in. This idea is not listed in any rule book, or video of the BWCA. People camp all the time on entry point lakes on the last day of their trip. If it is written down in anywhere someone please post it. I’m just not buying this.
07/17/2020 09:41PM  
I did a loop that went into several EP lakes/River/Creek. Can't always be helped
distinguished member(1277)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/18/2020 09:00AM  
I think this along with other things will be a moot point next year when this virus problem is over. A lot of people who are up north camping be it the BWCA, northern Wisconsin or Michigan’s UP are first timers trying to get away from the city, I don’t think most of them will continue when they can go back to old vacation spots. We live on a river just south of the Mackinac bridge and boat traffic from 10ft kayaks to 40 ft cruisers is half again what it was last year.
distinguished member(578)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/18/2020 05:54PM  
Cvendel, I think your outfitter was doing you a disservice. The wilderness is an opportunity for you to make your own adventure. She violated the "Ethos of the Wilderness Outfitter" by attempting to impose her constraints on your adventure.

I suggest finding an outfitter with a perspective more aligned with your own.

Enjoy your adventure
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