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member (16)member
07/20/2020 10:58AM  
I am starting on July 30th for an 8-10 day solo trip. Plan "A" was to go to Frost Lake and then down the Frost River. Before the rains of this past week, I had worked out a Plan "B" concentrating on the lakes. With the new rains, do you think the Frost be up enough to warrent a review of Plan "A", or should I stick with the lakes route? I will be paddling my Kevlar boat and I don't want it to get too beat up.
Thank for comments, this is my first post on after a long time of reading and watching the site. I had planned an Algonquin trip for this same time frame, but with the border situation it is a no go. The BWCA is a bit farther drive for me, but I want to get a solo trip in this year and was able to get my date and start point that I wanted.
I'm looking forward to being one of the far flung members of this community.
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07/20/2020 11:42AM  
Can't answer the Frost River level, but welcome aboard, SoKev. I believe there are other posters from the Carolina's.
distinguished member (458)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/20/2020 02:27PM  
All things considered, it might be a good year to do Frost. Harder the better.
member (16)member
07/20/2020 06:24PM  
Hey Duck, does that mean that you think it will still be low, as in bang-scrape-thunk?
07/20/2020 09:05PM  
This is my first post too. Just returned yesterday from a 9 day trip. We took a cedar strip canoe from Little Saganaga up the Frost river and into Frost lake in one 10 hour day. We pulled over approximately 15 beaver dams and had several sections of unloading the canoe and floating/walking through rock gardens. It’s all relative but I didn’t think it was that bad. There are two really steep portages, first was into Afton Lake and the second was a rock slab up out of Pencil Lake.
distinguished member(875)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/20/2020 09:44PM  
We are heading there this week and are expecting some low water levels. That is what we experienced last August also. Just means slower going and wading in places.
member (16)member
07/21/2020 06:12PM  
Thanks for the replies AndyL and SHCurly and the info on the beaver dams and steep portages. I should be on Frost Lake for the night of the 31st or August 1st and head down the river the following day. I'm hoping that the recent rains in BWCA bring up the river level a bit and keep another fire ban at bay.
SHC: Good luck with your trip this week, I hope it is a great one. I also enjoyed your Trip Report on the Bower Trout Lake loop. That will be my EP for this trip.
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