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member (14)member
07/27/2020 07:00AM  
Just like a majority here, Covid has really loused up my planning.

I'd like to try to avoid the crowds and the problems they seem to be bringing with them.

First week of September, 6 or 7 days for 2 experienced trippers. Its more of a leasure trip vs putting on the miles. 2 or 3 layover days im thinking.

Angleworm to Crooked and counter clockwise thru Beartrap river and Sundial pma was my original plan but am told Beartrap river is very low.

So, I'm open to suggestions, maybe even willing to change entry points.

Thank you...
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07/28/2020 12:28PM  
Just did 4 days from S. Hegman, through Angleworm, Trease, Home, Gull, Fairy, Gun, Horse, Boot, 4 town, Tin Can Mike, Sandpit, Mudro and Nels. Posted a trip report, it was a blast. It was 4 days--but if you layover you could easily stretch it out...
member (14)member
07/28/2020 12:37PM  
Thank you I will.

Did you find yourself having campsite anxiety when getting over to the Mudro area?
07/28/2020 01:15PM  
Actually the stretch between Home to Gun was tough finding spots. The single spot on Fairy was full--but other than that we saw open spots all along. We camped on Boot and Tin Can Mike on that part of the loop.
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