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08/04/2020 08:02AM  
I'm sure most, if not all of us, know a little something about the Root Beer Lady - heck some of you may have even met her. Recently I came across a podcast about Dorothy Molter and it was an interesting listen so I thought I'd pass along the info thinking some of you may enjoy it too.

Whatever podcast platform you use, search for Talk North - Souhan Podcast Network. Talk North has a lot of different podcast programs (twins, vikings, wild, grilling, a pastor who hunts, etc.) and there's one called Minnesota Bound Podcast, hosted by Bill Sherck - you may know him from different shows on Fox Sports North. The latest episode is about the life of the Root Beer Lady.

I'm in no way affiliated with Talk North or the Minnesota Bound podcast - I just found this to be an interesting and enjoyable listen, and thought some of you might as well.

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