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member (44)member
08/06/2020 07:07AM
I am looking at getting a second stove and I am looking at an Optimus Nova. Thoughts? Better suggestions? Leaning toward white gas. Dual fuel-type stove. Doesn't have to be dual fuel.

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08/06/2020 07:49AM
Nova and Dragonfly share the same design and operation.
Nova has had some reliability issues with the fuel pump to fuel line fitting that date to when the French CEN couplers were changed. Beyond that it's a fine reliable burner. A bit heavier and smaller than a Dragonfly.
YouTube comparrison for boiling
Between the 2 I like the Dragonfly better, more width to the supports, quicker boil, less expensive particularly on the used market. The metal vs plastic pump discussions are moot. The Nova pumps have parts that are as likely to fail and the MSR Pumps I have have never failed.

member (34)member
08/06/2020 08:05AM
I was recently in the market for a second stove and really liked the looks of the Optimus Polaris. Longer fuel line, no jets, metal pump, and came with a fuel bottle. It seemed like it should have given the MSR Wisperlite Universal a run for its money. But after a handful of years, it was discontinued. Since these stoves should last for many years, I became concerned about the availability of parts several years down the road should it need repair. With MSR's long history of making the same stoves, I was more comfortable going with them for a long term product.
08/06/2020 08:41AM
The Polaris did use a jet same on as the Nova. Primus Omnifuel is a very similar design. As such a much closer comparison to a Dragonfly or the discontinued Brunton VaporAF.

Something I forgot earlier, Berni Dawg Caps are available for these roarer burner stoves.

member (44)member
08/06/2020 11:03AM
Thanks so much! Like the idea of the dragonfly a lot easier to find!
08/06/2020 11:27AM
DanC333: "Thanks so much! Like the idea of the dragonfly a lot easier to find!"

You can save some $$ by buying used. My most recent stove purchase was another Dragonfly from Ebay, $50 for an apparently once used stove without a pump. I collect MSR stoves and have spares on hand but a new MSR pump is $35+ and MSR/Primus/Optimus/Sig fuel bottles new around $20 used $10.

member (44)member
08/06/2020 01:33PM
Thanks will check used. Great tip!
member (44)member
08/06/2020 01:47PM
Hey Butthead, or anyone with experience for that matter, how does whisperlite compare to dragonfly?
08/06/2020 05:42PM
The Whisperlight has a waffle burner and just the pump valve. It does produce a lot of heat, but with limited adjust-ability. Some tank pressure tricks and a few other methods expand the adjust-ability some.
The Dragonfly uses a roarer burner less complicated, a bit more concentrated. Similar full output in heat. It has a tank valve and a needle valve at the burner to allow fine and large range of adjust-ability. It is much louder due to the burner. Also it has the largest diameter pot/pan support. It needs a Dragonfly specific pump which include a check valve shut off to prevent fuel leakage.

member (44)member
08/06/2020 07:21PM
Thanks for the explanation
distinguished member (119)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/06/2020 09:13PM
+1 on what butthead said.

We were up over the 4th of july fire ban. I brought my 2 dragonfly stoves up for cooking, as well as a 10" Lodge cast iron. They worked great, but scream like a banshee. At one time, we used both underneath our trusty Maytag washer cast aluminum lid for cooking breakfast, pancakes, etc. As soon as I got home, I ordered the burner caps to quiet them down. They shipped today.

I also have the whisperlite. As BH said, the flame control is trickier with the whisperlite. If you're just boiling water, go with the whisperlite. If you want some control of the temp, look to the Dragonfly. I did notice a significant hot spot with the Dragonfly on the pan. Next time, I might take my flame spreader from my backcountry oven and see if that helps even out the heat.
member (44)member
08/07/2020 10:29AM
member (5)member
08/09/2020 08:44PM
I'd throw the Primus OmniLite Ti into the ring. It's similar to the omnifuel, but lighter and smaller. I've only used mine with canisters, but like the ability to switch up fuels if needed. I use it with a Berni Dawg silencer to quiet the roar, but Primus now sells their own silencer version. It boils water quickly and is easy to simmer for making pancakes or hashbrowns.
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