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      My friends are headed north without me today...     
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08/08/2020 09:23AM  
Man am I bummed.

Work deemed me an essential employee so no vacation this year.

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distinguished member (420)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/08/2020 09:41AM  
airmorse: "Man am I bummed.

Work deemed me an essential employee so no vacation this year.


Sorry you had to miss out, airmorse.

For a variety of reasons, I haven't been doing Quetico paddling trips for years. Last one was 2011. A former paddling partner from those times is coming to MN (from Seattle area) for a BWCA trip later this month (which was originally supposed to be a Quetico trip). We decided in January to get a cabin when she finished her bw trip and do some day tripping together. She decided to invite another of our former tripping partners and his wife (from Atlanta) too (and her husband if she could convince him). It would be day canoeing part of time and playing tourist on North Shore because Atlanta friends hadn't visited here before. About a month ago I decided I didn't want to take chances on this and made decision to cancel out. Ended up others cancelled too. Luckily got money back on lodging we'd reserved. All of us are disappointed (and maybe friend is a bit mad at me). In my opinion it's not a good year to play tourist. I'm hoping there will be a next year for this.
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