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      Here is some artists from VA and NOLA     
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senior member (86)senior membersenior member
08/11/2020 08:48PM  
Glad I found this topic. I am a guitar player and love all things guitar. Thought I would share some bands that you may enjoy.

Kendall Street Company

Tongone Band

The Bridge - from Baltimore

Some of my favorite bands come out of NOLA:

New Orleans Radiators

Anders Osborne
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08/12/2020 03:51PM  
Nice, I liked the Kendal Street Company and Bridge from Baltimore the best.
senior member (86)senior membersenior member
08/14/2020 10:07AM  
The Bridge is no longer, but their frontman, Chris Jacobs still tours.
distinguished member(4181)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
08/14/2020 10:56AM  

Fish Head music was big in the Twin Cities in the mid to late 80s. They kind of faded away here once grunge became popular.

08/14/2020 01:19PM  
Warfhrat, do you have any youtube videos of your playing?
distinguished member(694)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/14/2020 03:30PM  
Thanks for posting, I'm always interested in regional bands, lot of good musicians and groups out there, nice to be introduced to them.
senior member (86)senior membersenior member
08/14/2020 05:06PM  
No vids of my playing...I get too nervous in front of a crowd of 1! Seriously, I am a basket case. hahahaha...

I really just play for me. Like I have read in some of the other threads: Played piano as a kid; Quit to play guitar in high school so I could meet the cool girls (hahahahaha) and then when I started real life after college I didn't touch it often. Until 2006, when I was dislocated from family because of Hurricane Katrina. Sitting alone in a corporate apartment, I decided to walk into a Guitar Center...I picked a cheap Taylor and began to play. I looked at the mfg date and it was the date that Katrina ran through my neighborhood, Aug 29th, 2005. It was a Sign from the Heavens. Bought the thing right then and started playing again to keep myself busy while away from the family. I named the Taylor 200, Katrina.

Well, once I was back with the Family...Old Katrina started to collect dust. Kids soccer games, work hassles, etc all took priority. Then about 3 or 4 years later I come across a unbelievable PRS Custom 24 with an Artist Top on the internet. I was mesmerized by its beauty. In a fever dream, I whipped out the credit card and bought it sight unseen. Then I went to beg forgiveness from my wife! What the hell did I do!

As part of the bargaining with my wife, I was going to spend money on real lessons and get decent on this thing.

It is funny how things work out: I go to the internet to search for a teacher, and I come across a guy who was working in the PRS Band and was a PRS demonstrator for the PRS factory in Maryland. Well, I bought a PRS...and He works for PRS. He has to be my guitar coach. It was good for a while, but good players do not necessarily make good teachers. I did get to meet Paul and some PRS Artists like Orianthi, Howard Leese as I go invited to a few PRS Experience weekends. So there is that.

About 5 years ago, I started teaching myself music theory. That opened up everything for me. It wasn't that difficult because I could relate music theory to all the "stupid stuff" that made me quit the piano.

Now a days, I just pick up the the guitar and work on some scales for 5 mins and then just let things come to me. I am constantly amazed when I create a progression or a melody out of nothing....Problem is...I can't recall what I did the day before,. Hahahaha...Short Term memory problems. Sometimes I will learn a song, but I have forgotten more songs than I know. Last ones I learned were the Dead's Bertha and Neil Young's Harvest Moon.

My favorite tools are a Line 6 Amplfi 30, Trio Pedal, Boss Looper Pedal and my PRS KL380. The Custom is collecting dust, but I can't sell it. I have a Taylor T5 also. I had to beg forgiveness a few more times over the years. Now, I call the guitars "Investments" for our future. She must like me!

I fooled around with digital recording for a bit...but I spend all day in front of a computer. Music is an escape from that.

Well, that sums up my off again on again relationship with guitars.

Maybe I will record something and post.


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