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      A buddy I used to play with wrote this     
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08/15/2020 11:57AM  
See if I can get the link to work.
I never played with this band. My good friend was lead singer and rhythm guitar for them. He and I along with a few others would jam at a few bars for drinks in the mid 90's. We often played this song.

We were foresters/firefighters for Sequoia National Park. Ironically he is a forester now for a private company in California.

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senior member (86)senior membersenior member
08/17/2020 06:49PM  
They have a bunch out there. I listened to them all. I have a bit of envy when people can write a song.

When I try to write lyrics the come out sounding like a Dr Seuss book:

"What a beautiful day.
That field is full of hay
On this first day of May.
What do you say?"

Or is that a Happy Gilmore scene!

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