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member (12)member
08/26/2020 10:34PM  
New Trip Report posted by Woodweller

Trip Name: BWCAW unmasked.

Entry Point: 1

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distinguished member(915)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/27/2020 06:17AM  
Doesn't sound like it could get much better. Love it when everything falls into place with campsites and weather. The lakes with motors have always kept me away, but glad to see they were not an issue for you.
08/27/2020 07:53AM  
Sounds like a great trip! Have always wanted to check out Trout and Pine. Did you guys paddle across Vermillion or get a tow?

distinguished member (248)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/27/2020 08:51AM  
nice report.
member (12)member
08/27/2020 03:05PM  
I've gone through motor lakes before, but never basecamped on one. I was surprised how little traffic there was.
member (12)member
08/27/2020 03:06PM  
We had two nice days out and back for paddling across Vermilion. About 3 hours, but not bad. I wouldn't want to do it with a big headwind though.
member (12)member
08/27/2020 03:09PM  
By the way, what is the large dock-like structure submerged on the Vermilion side of the Trout Lake canoe portage?
Guest Paddler
08/27/2020 04:24PM  
I am pretty sure the only way to get on Trout is by portage hence the lack of motor traffic. If you have a canoe the shorter portage is beautiful but the longer one is flatter and will allow for trolley. The west side of the lake had few mosquitoes as well! That paddle can be difficult if you're going into the wind.
Thank you for sharing!
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