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09/05/2020 01:02PM  
Good Labor Day weekend to you all!

After many years of traveling the west end of the park we've decided to go east. A tow on Saganaga to American Point has been reserved. Was hoping I could get some recommendations for a route that is fishing centric(Big Pike, Walleyes, Trout).

With just a bit of looking around Im thinking of a route that goes down through Ester, Hanson, South Arm knife, Ogish Alpine and paddle to Seagull outfitters through Seagull Lake.

What lakes would make a couple good basecamps allowing us to fish hard and see the other must see lakes in the area? Everybody talks about Cherry being beutiful for example.

A major goal is to catch more Lake Trout than we have in the west end and I figure being in more lakes with trout is a no-brainer place to start but if you have specific intel on lakes, tactics that your willing to share here or privately it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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distinguished member (155)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/05/2020 02:26PM  
I'll be following this thread. Heading to the same area at the same time. Never been there, so it will be a learning experience. Maybe we'll meet up in there!
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