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09/06/2020 07:20PM  
Hi all,
Found this forum while searching for canoeing trips instead of studying for my classes, and thought I would give it a go! I have actually never been to the boundary waters (I know someone please take me with them!!) I am finishing up my last year of nursing school and hope to do some traveling and adventuring before I start my job. So, I am hoping to do a BW trip at some point next summer, and the dates are super flexible at this point (anytime after mid may). I'm a super adaptable person and would be willing to just go with the flow and although I don't have a ton of knowledge about this sort of thing, I am super comfortable with being outside and "roughing it" so that isn't a concern. If anyone is looking for someone to tag along or add to their group let me know I would love to get in touch!
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10/04/2020 04:04PM  
I'll be keeping this in mind as we might have a spot to offer you. I've only started recently trying to put a trip or two together for 2021, and it is rarely easy to get friends on board. I'll be sure to reach out to you once I have the basics figured-out and if there is an opportunity to add you to the trip.
10/11/2020 09:12PM  
Sounds great! Thank You :)
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01/14/2021 07:12PM  
I might be trying to put a trip together end of May or sometime in June if you are still looking for someone to tag a long with.
01/26/2021 10:55PM  
I am organizing a 5-night trip entering early on Monday, June 21, and coming out early on Saturday, June 26. We are driving up from Indianapolis on Sunday, June 20 and spending that night at Voyageur North bunkhouse. I provide most everything for my groups except for your own tent and sleeping pad and clothing. We travel light, single trip the portages, and carry heavy portage packs (at least 60 lbs.) and 76 lb. aluminum canoes. Our cost is around $200.00 per person for everything except your meals going up and coming home. We had a woman (coincidentally also a nurse/professor) join us a couple years ago from this Trip Partner Finder forum and that worked out very well. She did great and was an asset and pleasure to have along. Feel free to email me for more information. Elden Hartman at
01/27/2021 03:55PM  
Don't know exactly what your availability is, but I have reserved a permit for 9/14. If you want more details just email me with something about BW trip and your handle here so I can pick it out of the junk mail.
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