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09/08/2020 10:50PM  
I went to load up my GPS for next week's trip & discovered that I'm unable to put any of the previously downloaded topos I have onto my unit. When sending the image files BaseCamp now phones home to determine device activation status for the product. I think this is a departure from previous functionality... right? IIRC before if you had downloaded the maps they were yours forever and you could put them onto any supported device.

Maybe I am mistaken, but that's how I remember it being discussed as how it worked. Ultimately NABD for me as I already have BWCA and Q topographics installed already - I ran into the issue trying to do some housekeeping moving some maps from internal memory to the SD card.
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09/09/2020 07:27AM  
Yes supported products only, the down load Birdseye maps are your files and can be reused and reinstalled, but only to Gamin registered products. I have my Birdseye on my home computer, can transfer them on and off the 62st, and Nuvi automotive units I have. Even swapped to a new home computer system last spring and after the Basecamp install I could re-install the imagery.

What were you attempting to transfer to?

09/09/2020 09:22AM  
I have an eTrex 30x, the same unit I originally purchased & downloaded the topos with.
09/09/2020 10:41AM  
Try connecting with the computer in Basecamp/device/update, then it should accept the registration.

09/23/2020 12:51PM  
Just a follow up to this - maybe Garmin fixed a loophole in their system? I definitely cannot put additional imagery onto my GPSr, even topos previously downloaded with the same unit. Interestingly enough, I can download additional topos but cannot push them to my device.... it gives a subscription error.

Maybe this was "resolved" via an update for BaseCamp? I'm running v4.7.2 for Windows.
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