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member (44)member
09/12/2020 04:45PM  
Planning a trip for next year, June. Was looking at EP37, kawishiwi lake, or 47, Liz lake. Want to Fish for walleye and in general just have. Nice time. Opinions on if one is better than the other?
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09/12/2020 09:02PM  
47 leads to Caribou, Horseshoe, Gaskin. All decent fishing lakes with walleye. 37 leads to Polly, Koma, Malberg. Good walleye lakes. You will have company in June on Malberg with others chasing walleye. Head out NW side of Malberg to Kawishiwi river for more walleye chances.
member (44)member
09/13/2020 06:17AM  
09/13/2020 07:45AM  
Plenty of good options from either.
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