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10/05/2020 04:31PM  
Not sure if this is the correct forum, but curious if anyone has any experience with the above type of canoe? How has it held up to trips?

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10/06/2020 09:30AM  
I’ve only seen skin on frame kayaks personally in hauling them. They would be light enough, but how they’d hold up to rocks and such I don’t know.
10/06/2020 11:57AM  
We ran into a crew from Urban Boatbuilders in 2017. The paddlers had beautiful skin-on-frame canoes. Check out the link--they sell boats and offer (in non-COVID times) some classes. The crew was really nice, and all were interesting to talk with.

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10/06/2020 01:26PM  
If you watch their YouTube video showing the strength you may be impressed. I would like to see the back side of the material however once they got done beating it to see what it looked like.
10/07/2020 08:14AM  
Urban Boatbuilders' durability test video. This demo may answer some questions about the integrity of skin-on-frame construction, but I'd be more interested in a test panel being dragged across granite or gravel...

10/28/2020 04:06PM  
I took one from Urban Boatbuilders last year. It was myself, and my two boys with my youngest in a sling seat in the middle. It worked just fine. We grounded out on some rocks and dragged it over a beaver dam without any issue. I was nervous about it, but it handled it well.
11/03/2020 06:35PM  
I’d love to see one... it would be the coolest solo boat should they make one.
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