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10/21/2020 03:01PM  
Check it out at
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10/23/2020 03:15PM  
Very nice website, I like how you can scroll through the pictures easily.
Have yu ever entered any of your waterfowl in any Federal or State duck stamp competitions?

Your Website Link
10/23/2020 05:35PM  
I have entered but it's been a few years.
I am planning on the Federal for next year.
11/11/2020 05:14PM  
Good luck, make sure you send a pic of it here.

I retired for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Fed Duck Stamp helped us purchase lots of public land in Minnesota, mostly for Waterfowl Production Areas. I met a couple of the Hautman brothers since sometimes they would come for the dedication of public lands for our USFWS district north of Detroit Lakes MN.
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