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12/09/2020 04:19PM  
I have been shopping on line for a large 8-10 person tent for use as a hunting base camp. It would be used in state campgrounds not the BWCA. Three season tent, not a hot tent and only used approximately 30 days a year. Budget is under $500.

The more I look the more confused I get and hope the forum can help me narrow my choices .

Has anyone tried one of the "instant" tents? The frame is attached and you just extend the poles sort of like an umbrella. Ads claim 60 second set up, too good to be true?
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12/09/2020 05:56PM  
I have one of these - NTK Arizona GT9

They make one size larger (NTK Arizona 11/12), maybe that would be a better fit for you. Seems to be very well made, has held up in some winds where I expected it to fail, completely waterproof even in very heavy rain. Nice interior height, not hard to put up. It is heavy, and the poles are fiberglass. 2 doors, full rain fly coverage.
12/10/2020 01:56PM  
Good luck on the search. You may need to adjust your goals some. You did not mention the actual number of occupants but consider sleeping 8 on the floor of a tent. Especially during hunting season. Where does the gear and clothing go?
I have spent time in hunting tent camps And 4 in a 10x14 foot tent can get crowded.
Whatever changes you go with consider the used market. Big value deals can be found. I owned a used Laacke & Joys 10x12 wall tent I found for $300 , 1/3 the cost of new. Currently the largest tent I own is a REI KingDome 6, bought at a REI garage sale for $130, it was returned for a 1/4 inch burn hole in the inner tent body to my benefit.
Far as "instant tents" too good to be true would be an understatement. The flexible folding pole system is weak in the tents I have seen in campgrounds, collapsing in mild wind.

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12/11/2020 08:13AM  
I have the REI Kingdom 8 with the attached Gear Garage/Mudroom...whatever they're calling it these days. Its a big tent,12.5x8.5, and tall enough that I, a man of average height, can stand in. It's easy to setup and seems pretty solid, or at least can be made solid with guylines etc. 2 doors too. I like the mudroom as its big enough to throw totes/packs into to keep protected. I use those 2'x2' foam puzzle pieces to add a level or insulation and protection on the floor of the tent too. Helps me feel better about my kids crashing around in it. I think the tent alone weighs 27lbs.

I know it's more than your budget, but this tent and its accessories are frequently on sale at REI.
12/11/2020 09:45AM  
I think the KingDome series are often found used or returned, is the habit of many to buy an item for single use then bring it in for a return. Add to the design, basically a tunnel tent, and the lack of first time users to guy it out adequately.
Properly guyed and anchored mine has stood up to some very high winds that literally blew dozens of tents down around me, camping on top of the Carousel at Road America, big flat open hill top, The only large family size tents that come thru un-effected were KingDomes, BA Flying Diamonds, and canvas wall tents.
Ebay Kingdome 6 as a more expensive example, still what I consider a decent price for an old style KingDome 6 (the old version is more tunnel without crossed frame poles but does have a much deeper vestibule, about 2x the size).

12/11/2020 04:33PM  
Thanks everyone for the input. Some more info-- I will use the tent in Oct. and Nov. while duck hunting. I can haul the boat or the camper but not at the same time and moving around every few days is sometimes necessary. Me and my lab and once in awhile one or two other people. I wanted the large size so I could use a cot and have room to hang and dry gear, get dressed standing up, eat at a table etc.
The instant tents caught my eye because the fast set up and take down would be a big help but not at the expense of a broken tent and a ruined trip. Your right "if it looks too good to be true --- )
The big problem now will be convincing my wife that I need another tent and how to hide the cc bill. "But honey it was on sale!" (it works for her)
Thanks again, merlyn
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