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Savage Voyageur
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12/12/2020 05:55PM  
I did a modification on my new knife. I wanted something on my belt that performed more than one job. First I made a three knot lanyard for ease of handling during use. I used electrical tape and secured a sail needle on the back of the sheath. I used a piece of plastic off a liquid bottle and made a tiny sheath for a Light My Fire ferrocerium rod. I secured the ferrocerium rod sheath with more electrical tape. Then I wrapped the sheath with 6’ of 550 paracord. The ferrocerium rod is secured to the main sheath with paracord. So I started with a knife and ended with a tiny survival kit.

The knife can obviously cut most anything you want to cut in the woods. It is a full tang knife made from carbon steel. The blade is blued black for corrosion protection. It has a sharp back spine and a sharp butt area to use the ferrocerium rod for fire starting.

The Sail needle does triple duty. It can be used to remove a splinter or stinger. It can be used to repair gear in the field. And I used a strong magnet to magnetized it so it is also a compass.

The 6’ of 550 paracord also does double duty. I could use it for general use in the field. But if you pull out the 7 internal strands, each separate strand has 3 tiny strands. So the one piece of paracord can be disassembled for 126’ of sewing thread.
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12/12/2020 07:32PM  
Looks good. I’ve heard of people doing modifications to the Mora sheathes just never looked into it.
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12/28/2020 09:17PM  
I have the stainless version of this that came with a leather sheath. Does not lend itself to similar modifications. Your mod is begging for a 3D printed mount for your striker. Alas, my sheath does not serve as a model to develop on. Nice work.

I have several them both.
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