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senior member (90)senior membersenior member
12/14/2020 11:18AM  
Starting fresh... on an old topic.

I have always had Oakley sunglasses and like their product. I would like to branch out a bit and try something else like Costa, Maui Jim ,etc.. No prescription is needed, I don't mind paying for a quality product and have been fortunate not to lose/break higher end sunglasses.

I would use these mainly for time on the water, so polarized would be key. Any great recommendations of specific companies/styles?

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12/14/2020 12:25PM  
"Any great recommendations of specific companies/styles?"

Old geezer and function over form is what I like. But will toss out a brand that has performed very well for me, for a long time Wiley X. Bought for work, saftey and dust resistant conditions, secondary use on water and wilderness trips. Bought a set of prescription trifocals with foam seals, interchangeable lenses, full temples or straps that interchange. At work they saved my eyes from a full face 8 inch hose coupling impact, and worked as goggles in cleaning dust collection bins. In field use the strap keeps them on not in the water, polarized lenses and conforming frame and gasket blocks out glare from the sides. Stylish??? Surely not on me !

12/14/2020 01:23PM  
I've never bought anything but cheapo shades before this year but my eyes are starting to go (maybe those two points are related?) so I sprung for a couple pair of Smiths. Very comfortable and provide good protection, get a model that fits your face to stop glare from the bottom and sides.

Still waiting for the day when I sit on them accidentally but so far so good!
12/14/2020 02:05PM  
One thing about using prescription sunglasses, you are much more careful about them. Mine have lased for a long time. Also have a pair of Smiths, very good all around!

distinguished member (335)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/14/2020 02:30PM  
I like Tifosi sunglasses. Nice glasses that don't kill the wallet.
distinguished member (122)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/14/2020 04:16PM  
I finally upgraded to big boy sunglasses a few years ago. I bought a pair of Costa's with the 580 glass polarized lenses in a brown color. Absolutely love them. Clarity is so good, and they are practically scratch free, even though I drop them on pavement regularly. I got the brown lenses for trout fishing streams.
distinguished member(1390)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/14/2020 06:30PM  
I’ve always had cheapo polarized glasses from fleet farm or target or whatever. Last year I splurged on a pair of Bolle and I lost them on Saganaga on the first day of a weeklong trip. Back to the cheapos I guess. The worst part is now the cheapos FEEL cheap because I know what quality shades are.
Savage Voyageur
distinguished member(14174)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
12/14/2020 07:33PM  
I highly recommend Maui Jim sunglasses. Try a pair on and you will see what I mean, no pun intended.
distinguished member (208)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/15/2020 07:20AM  
I normally would just buy the low end to mid level sunglasses but while living in Alaska and doing a lot of winter activities and glacier travel I purchased a good pair of Vuarnet high altitude glasses that only allow 5% light transmission. Those were my favorite sunglasses for many years until I had to go to bifocals. Now they are just a keepsake that remind me of the places I've been.
distinguished member(2140)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/15/2020 09:16AM  

I wear glasses. Getting sunglasses always felt like a luxury item to me, because in order to wear them, they had to fit over my regular glasses or I had to make sure I wore contacts. When I go camping, I make sure to wear my contacts every day so I can utilize the sunglasses. But in day to day, I usually wear my sunglasses over my glasses. Getting prescription sunglasses never felt like an option to me because of the expense and that I would probably loose them and be angry at myself for loosing them. So, I have always gotten cheap sunglasses that I can easily loose.

Well, I have recently purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses, polarized in amber how I like it, and silver mirrored. And they were only $50. I got them from Zenni Optical:

Zenni Optical

Next time you are getting your prescription updated at the optometrist, ask for a copy of your prescription. Then, using that, you can fill out the prescription on Zenni and get what you need.

The prescription sunglasses are great. Not $300 awesome, but still good enough and the polarization is as good as I have owned before. And, I don't have to wear contacts.

Just an option for you fellow glasses wearing folks.
senior member (90)senior membersenior member
12/15/2020 09:33AM  
Any specific recommendations for Maui Jim or Costa's? I'm guessing my face/head shape would be considered "wide". Looking at Costa Fisch and Costa Permit, 580G, as they both fit "wide" face and/or "Large" head. I also really like the air vents to prevent fogging and how they seem to block out light., Hope to get to a big box store and try on these models.

Other thought... 580 "G"-glass or "P" plastic??? I'm leaning towards G - glass.
senior member (61)senior membersenior member
12/15/2020 01:14PM  
Another +1 for Maui Jim. By far the best glasses I've ever had. I don't think the specific model is important, they're all good. Personal preference there. I prefer the bulkier stronger ones, just because I'm clumsy and break things.
distinguished member (140)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/15/2020 01:39PM  
Started out with the In-fisherman granny glasses, after a few years upgraded to more expensive polarized polycarbonate glasses. Always with a lanyard, kept the scratches and breakage to a minimum.

About 8 years ago I decided to give the Costa's with glass lenses a go, a little heavier, but the lenses clean up nice and easy and were very scratch resistant.
I went with steepncheap, because even to this day, I cannot see myself spending full price for a pair of expensive sunglasses.

So selection is always limited, but I got an actual fishing pair which I liked.
After they met their demise a couple of years later, I talked myself into getting two pairs of Costa's, one pair a fishing pair, and the other pair an aviation style for driving.
I think I got three years out of them before I broke both pairs within a week, one pair was in my jacket pocket when I put on my seatbelt, and the other snapped in half attempting to take them off after walking across a parking lot in subzero temps.

Back to steepncheap I went, bought two new pair but switched up lens colors this time, tan for fishing and grey for driving. Was able to find the same aviator style, so I have a spare set of lenses from the last pair if needed.
They are still both doing well 3 years later.

And at some point around 5 years ago, I picked up a pair of Costa C-mates on SnC, they were 65% off of regular price and I knew my eyes were starting to go, figured why not, so I take them along on my camping trips as a spare pair and to be able to tie knots with 2 lb test.

So yes, nothing but praise for Costa's from this guy, and a fan of the glass lenses.
I went with the 480g lenses on all pairs except the C-mates . As others have said, you tend to pay more attention to the well being of more expensive gear.
distinguished member (122)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/15/2020 02:57PM  
Glass lenses all the way. I don't think plastic will ever give you as sharp of an image as glass. I was also told that the UV protection of cheap plastic sunglasses fades over just a couple years, so your 3 year old cheapo's might not be protecting your eyes properly. I never did any research on the matter though.

I also have a big head. I don't know what model my Costa's are, but they are similar to the Fisch style. I prefer a wrap around style to minimize sun glare caused by light getting in from the side or behind me. They also help keep the wind out. My eyes water with the slightest cold breeze.
senior member (90)senior membersenior member
12/15/2020 03:21PM  
Keeping wind and sun out is key for me, as my eyes water as well. Think I need to find a store with the Fisch 580G and try them on...
distinguished member(3244)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/17/2020 08:36PM  
I have had two pairs of Bolle Piraja glasses, polarized, with my prescription, and they've been great. (Polycarbonate always for protection, glass too dangerous) Finally wore out my last one and came across a pair of sunglasses at my optometrist. Purchased the Liberty Sport Biker sunglasses. They have a nice, somewhat wrapped shape and they're polarized. Very happy with them. It does come with a cord to hold them on, but if I'm paddling or portaging I'll use something a bit more secure - the little part where the included one clips on will come off with any force. But the glasses are good quality.
Liberty Sport
senior member (90)senior membersenior member
12/18/2020 10:49AM  
I purchased a pair of Costa Fisch with a tortoise frame and green/silver mirror Glass 580P. I'm wondering now if they aren't a little too big? There is some space between the sides of the glasses and the eye socket area and the top of the glasses and my brow. May just take some getting used to, we'll see. Nice pair of glasses and lenses!
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