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12/17/2020 09:03AM  
Hello, long time lurker... new member!
I am new to this world and mainly use this line of gear for hauling photography related items. I am a large format photographer using an 8x10 view camera. As a result, the dimensions of this camera lead to challenging packing issues. Mainly, its too wide for most conventional backpacks, especially anything Photo related. As a result , I've explored a number of canoe options and found that mainly the packs are TOO big!

I recently came across a hunting system made by an American brand, Hill People Gear. It's essentially just a load frame.

So now, my question... is the BWJ Poly Box tough enough to be used as a stand alone product or does it really need to be used in conjunction with a food pack to provide protection. Again, I am not using this product to keep food cold. The advantage of this system is that the poly food box is top loading, so I would never have to mess with the pack when stopping between photographs.
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12/17/2020 01:02PM  
I suggest a call to BWJ for product information. Others may chime in on field use. A good sense of use capabilities should emerge.
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