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12/17/2020 05:21PM  
Have a question - suppose it is fundamentally a permit / regs question.

So I am interested in doing a the same time as a friend, doing mostly different routes. Thinking we might meet and spend one or two nights in the same campsite at some point during the trip, then go our separate ways again.

Clearly we need separate permits.

But are we allowed to stay in the same campsite a couple nights on two solo permits, or is it the rule that a campsite can only have one group on a single permit occupying it?
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12/17/2020 05:39PM  
As long as you don't exceed 9 people and 4 watercraft, you can camp together. Confusion arises because all members of a group on one permit must camp together. Enjoy your trip.
12/17/2020 07:42PM  
That's my preferred method of soloing. I did it that way in 2016 and '18. In 2019 there were two groups of 3 that mostly travelled and camped together. This was all in Quetico though. Sure hope I can get back there in '21.
12/18/2020 08:30AM  
Yes it's OK and done frequently. Even shared the planning with Rangers at the permit pickup.
Something I've been doing since 2005, separate solo trippers getting together in the middle of a trip. Rules for groups still apply far as number of people and canoes, this is the same in Quetico.

12/18/2020 12:46PM  
Thanks all - good stuff!
12/22/2020 06:04PM  
That sounds cool. I would be up for a trip like that
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