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      Article on "Fake Bushcrafters Trashing Wilderness"     
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01/16/2021 12:18PM  
Just saw this short article by Kevin Callen. Looks like he is seeing some of the same issues up there that were were having down here last summer. He quite squarely blames the Youtubers and TV Shows for creating wannabe's. It would be nice if the FS Mandatory Videos could be edited to directly address this.
Fake Bushcrafters
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01/16/2021 01:08PM  
Go get 'em Kevin.
01/16/2021 01:43PM  
+1 cowdoc. I've never been a fan of "wannabe's, some kind of insecurity complex played out as macho man.
And just plain bad manners. I suspect if we were guests in their yard they might object to our setting up camp with available materials.
01/16/2021 02:35PM  
Some people also have really outdated information on how to camp in the BW. Look at what was accepted many years ago. That outdated information is still out there.
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