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01/17/2021 09:48AM  
I am looking for suggestions for a 10 day trip in WCPP. We are flexible in drive in or fly in. We would enjoy spending 2 days at some sites before continuing.

We enjoy smaller lakes and rivers over the larger lake paddles.

option 1:
Leano Lake access
to Sturgeon, Paull, Aegean, Wrist, Bunny and out

Fly in:
Donald to Adventure to Hansen, Wrist, Bunny and out

We are open to suggestions other than the above.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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01/18/2021 06:25AM  
Enjoy your trip. It is a great place.

A unique trip, not used often, would be Leano to Dragon...then go south to Landing Crane, Blueberry, down a creek system, through a couple of lakes, into the Talon River...from here north to Talon Lake...then option east to Boomerang and north to Dragon...or north out of Talon for two portages, turn east through a series of small lakes back to Dragon...or north out of Talon and follow the portages into Paull, then back to Leano via the six portage route to Upper Kilburn/short portages...

01/18/2021 07:02AM  
Thank you, we will look at that route!
01/18/2021 03:30PM  
I've done part but not all of the route described by oldzip, and that part was excellent (past Dragon, not as far as Landing Crane).

On the planning maps, the areas marked 'seasonally shallow' can be rough in the late summer w/ lower water.
01/27/2021 10:50AM  
I've done the Carrol to Hammerhead then Rostoul to Glen before exiting via Telescope, Optic, Embryo and Douglas. We flew into Carrol on Day One, stayed over a second night and then camped on Hammerhead and Glen. We spent 3 days on Glen fishing and then moved all the way out to Douglas by mid-afternoon. It was an easy 9 day trip and the route was beautiful. There was a little bit of boat traffic on a lake or two but mostly solitude the entire trip.
01/28/2021 07:04AM  
Thanks for the responses, this is great!
01/28/2021 12:08PM  
I have not been yet, but to help me figure out where I might like to go I’ve certainly benefited by watching some of the YouTube videos out there. I’ve even made note about campsites or portages and transferred them to my map.
01/28/2021 04:50PM  
thanks Jaywalker, I have done that as well. Nice to hear from all sources as I find that some of the you tube videos are older and don't have recent info.
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