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senior member (92)senior membersenior member
01/21/2021 09:04AM  
OK, so I discussed trip thoughts with my buddies, searched around for appropriate mileage and routes and decided on a there and back again loop into Spider Lake PMA Zone #5 (Reflection & Sedative Lakes)

Paddle Plan -

In general the route is Snowbank --> Ima and then up into the PMA hitting Reflection & Sedative lakes. Then back out again a few days later

I'm really liking the length of the trip (works with my buddies & wife good) as well as being able to dip into a PMA a little bit to get people used to that before making a bigger trek :)

Anyone going to burst my bubble on this and tell me about some giant alien spider infestation that I need to be concerned about? Bring it!

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distinguished member(1450)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/21/2021 09:13PM  
That seems like a great idea. I have not been in that PMA yet. Be sure to write a trip report when you get back.

Have you read some of the descriptions on this old thread:
Spider Lake - PMA #5

That seems like one I might even try solo someday if I feel a need for more solitude.
01/22/2021 09:48AM  
Depending on how light and fast you travel, you should be able to reach Ima Lake by mid afternoon with an 8 AM start from Snowbank Lake. The time you planned for your previous idea about the Hairy Lake PMA was only 7 days, including travel. You might want to think about extending that to 9 in order to have a day or 2 on Ima or another lake or to allow time in case you get windbound for a day. Otherwise, it sounds like a great plan.
senior member (92)senior membersenior member
01/22/2021 12:35PM  
I feel night 1 & 2 will be Ima, night 3 Sedative, night 4 Disappointment & night 5 back to the outfitter. Either that or Ima, Sedative, Ima, Disappointment, Outfitter. Kind of depends on just how things flow and where campsites are available:)

Man, I've yet to get stuck somewhere due to wind, but that's always possible :). That would suck.
senior member (92)senior membersenior member
01/28/2021 09:54PM  
Permits acquired and friends are excited

I will for sure write up a report here and on PP once we are back. Really looking forward to this as well as doing the final night back in a cabin at the outfitter. Normally we get off the water and try to get back home as fast as possible since it's a long drive. This will be a nice change of pace, especially since my buddies like to nap and sleep in
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