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01/28/2021 12:08AM  
I am planning a trip for myself and three of my kids (15, 14, and 12). The oldest two kids had their first BWCA trip to Woods Lake last year and want to bring their little sister with them this year.
We are planning on the week before Memorial Day and was wondering which lake would be better for the kids. Perent is a larger lake but it sounds like has better walleye fishing. I am concerned about wind and inexperienced canoeist with Perent lake. I will be in the same canoe as the 12 year old as she has never canoed before.
Kawishiwi is a smaller lake with hopefully less wind but how is the walleye fishing there?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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01/28/2021 11:45AM  
So you're wanting an easy to get to lake with good fishing? Perent has a twisty creek for an hour or two, can the kids do that in their canoe?

Use the search tool here for half day trips. Tons of good options mentioned there. Homer would be one to look into, also crocodile. Great walleye on a small lake but you have to stay on that lake
senior member (54)senior membersenior member
01/28/2021 01:51PM  
I've heard multiple people talk about EP47 Lizz to Caribou or Horseshoe. Small water, easy portages, and decent fishing. Also a good chance of seeing moose. I think I am going to bring my little ones up in August.
01/28/2021 04:58PM  
Percent Lake is a Great Lake for fishing and swimming however like mentioned above the paddle to the lake is a two hour paddle
On a slow twisting creek. The creek is surrounded with a lot of tall alder and at the end of May I would expect the bugs to be pretty miserable. I did it but n September with no bugs. Kawishiwi also has a lot more low land. I would check out Sawbill and Alton. The portage between the two is very short. Both are longer north/south running lakes so a western wind will be minimal for new paddlers.
01/28/2021 05:06PM  
Oh and there are three beaver dams that you have to cross on hog Creek which leads to Perent. If you do go to Perent there is an island campsite with a bunch of cedar trees that would be great for kids to explore.
01/28/2021 06:01PM  
If you want small and walleyes, look no farther than Crocodile. One paddle and portage away from your vehicle. However, it's an odd EP as you have to stay on that lake for your entire trip. No camping on other lakes.
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