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01/28/2021 10:49PM  
Hi there,
Sorry for the cross-posting, just trying to cover my bases.

Anyhow, we are renting a cabin from Williams & Hall Outfitters July 10-17. I was hoping to motor into the Moose chain as well as into Basswood during that week. Before yesterday, I knew nothing about the day use motor permits being limited as I have never motored in the BWCA before.

Charlene at Williams & Hall explained the permit system to me and that they would be able to get our permits for us, as they had to get permits for others as well. She was confident that they could get them as they have always been able to in years past. She was super nice and helpful.

They got ZERO permits, none, nada, zip for anybody for the whole season. She told me they were gone in 3 minutes and it was crazier than ever this year. (I guess the grumbling about outfitters having the inside line on permits is not true)


I am hoping/asking/looking/begging to piggyback onto somebody's permit(s) for that week. They allow four boats per permit. So, please if anyone has room on a Moose Newfound Sucker and/or a Moose-Basswood via Prairie Portage permit(s) for July 10-16 (or other dates), please let me know. I am willing to change dates if I can find lodging (our summer calendar is somewhat flexible).

I am willing to help out to defray costs or whatever somebody may need.

Thank you,
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01/29/2021 08:25AM  
Glad you contacted me
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03/01/2021 04:35PM  
Still looking
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