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02/10/2021 07:15AM  
Like it says, in search of portage wheels or portage wheel designs for a 14 foot tin boat.
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02/10/2021 07:20PM  
I bought these. Very pleased. Saw them on sale for $30-40 less.
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02/11/2021 12:24AM  
I’m guessing you are looking for the folding style portage wheels? There aren’t any plans that I’ve ever found. There was a guy from the Iron Range that used to build them, but I believe he passed away years ago. There have been different variations out there that I have seen but mostly all similar in design. I made a set years ago but got rid of them.

The best store bought portage wheel is a flooring dolly also known as a two wheeled carpet cart. You run a strap up and over the boat to secure it. It works great and my extended family has been using one for over 25 years.
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