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02/10/2021 05:05PM  
Southern shore campsite on the widest part of the lake. Nice elevated clearing and good tent pads but the view of the lake from the site is marginal at best. But with a 30 second hike down a path you will have a nice set of large sloping rocks with a great view and a perfect spot for lounging, fishing and photography. Good wildlife possibilities on this lake and very good walleye fishing. Very quiet lake.
This may be the best spot on the lake although the furthest east is nice too for different reasons.

View from the firepit

Spotted from the rocks out front of the site in the bay to the west of the site on our first night

Crocodile Falls in May, between Crocodile and East Bearskin

The clearing is spacious and for the most part all looks like this so several good tent sites along the perimeter.

Looking northwest from the rocks out front. Good sunrise and sunset views is a plus.
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