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member (34)member
02/10/2021 05:36PM  
Hey all,

I've got a Wenonah Wilderness in a T-Formex lay-up for sale. I added a Seadek adhesive mat to the cockpit, great comfort for kneeling or standing and poling. Boat was bought new last March, 2020. All paper work is in hand and included. It's had maybe a half dozen calm evening lake paddles on it, always wet footed. Great shape, no damage/scrapes to stems, a few light blemishes from submerged logs, nothing scratched into laminate. There's a photo of a couple pin head size marks from a slight dock rub, photo is included showing it. All in all is pretty much a brand new boat. Bought for running our rocky muddy rivers here in IL, didn't get used, and I've got too many boats so I need to unload. 1100$
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02/10/2021 09:41PM  
Hi, where in Illinois are you located?
member (34)member
02/11/2021 07:00AM  
Quad Cities area, 3 hrs west of Chicago
distinguished member(1292)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/13/2021 06:51AM  
Way off topic, but how do you like that SeaDek pad? (A little pricey - but looks like a great pad.)
member (34)member
02/13/2021 09:54AM  
I love it. I used to be a flats guide in the Keys and had them on all my skiffs. Amazing comfort for all day standing, or kneeling. I pole a canoe a lot. Best thing about it is that it doesn’t weaken over time. I’ve had bad luck with the removable canoe pads flattening out over time and they definitely don’t have as good of rigidity/comfort while standing or kneeling, as the Seadek. You can get their pads and trim to fit if you’ve got foamcore in your laminate, such as Kevlar layups, where the floor isn’t perfectly flat like T-formex.
02/14/2021 10:35AM  
I'm interested in the boat, but am having trouble with this sites email link.

I'm at
member (34)member
02/14/2021 10:45AM  
Just emailed you canoe212
distinguished member(4034)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/14/2021 12:00PM  
Nice looking shop! What's the kev tandem next to it? I'm in the Muscatine area but don't really need another canoe quite yet.
member (34)member
02/14/2021 05:00PM  
Hey cyclones30, thanks, it’s a Spirit ll. Not for sale sorry to say! Love that canoe, just had it down in SW FL chasing snook and reds on the flats!
distinguished member (247)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/14/2021 08:29PM  
Strokeofluck: " just had it down in SW FL chasing snook and reds on the flats! "

WAY off topic here but where were you fishing in Florida? I'm thinking of doing a yak fishing/camping trip down to Flamingo in the Everglades. Would consider other options if the fishing is hot.
member (34)member
02/15/2021 09:32AM  
WIMike, just sent you an email
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