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02/11/2021 06:12PM  
As we paddled up we thought it looked marginal but as we explored the site we found it to be very nice. While we were there two Forest Service guys put in a new latrine which was sorely needed. We spent two nights there and planned a lot of fishing and exploration for the full day we were there but unfortunately found ourselves windbound. Still, a nice place to be in those circumstances. Pretty easy entry from East Bearskin. Would like to go back to do the fishing and exploration we were unable to do.

Slightly elevated from the lake and not real open view from the site. But a large mostly flat clearing with lots of room and many good tent pads at the edge of the clearing and a couple more just in the woods. We found plenty of wood available if you go back a ways.

View from the canoe landing

View of the landing from the site

The sunset view from the site on a windy evening

This site had perhaps one of the most most diverse collection of fungi/mushrooms I have ever seen.

Campsite view of (finally) clearing skies
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